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ead of south bay parents demanding answers after a sex offender was able to volunteer at school. >> it's all over but the sunshine. we've got flynn of that in the bay area. some of the clouds will be darkening the horizon. >> most americans are underworked and overpaid, so it gives them the day off. >> call it black friday backlash. the campaign to stop the stores from opening their doors on thanksgiving. >> it's november 18th. can you believe it's almost thanksgiving. i'm anne makovec. >> san francisco's 'em battled sheriff, going to have a taped sitdown with him where he talks about his fight with ed lee. >> we're also going to talk about california's fiscal future. jerry hill is going to join us live in studio. >> is this surplus everyone has been talking about that real.
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first, the top of the news, the apology from the bishop at san jose. that's after a sex offender was able to volunteer at a school festival. >> the question is how he got written permission. prick permission -- patrick mcgraph said he's deeply troubled and apologizes that this policy was not followed. the man at the center of the controversy is mark christopher guri. he's only allowed on campus with written permission from a school official. well, he was identified there by a parent. sheriff lori smith is going to be at that school on tuesday to meet with concerned parents. new this morning, a man was shot to death during a robbery.
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it happened last night on ivy drive. the man was sitting in a car with his wife when at least two people approached them. one of them shot the man to death. the wife is okay. the suspects ran away with her purse. so far no arrests have been made. this is the second murder of the year. >> friends and family say good- bye to a san jose marine killed not by the line of duty but by officers in california. 22-year-old corporal alan -- was yelling obscenities. they say he tried to drive off and hit one of the officers. they fired shots, hitting him. yesterday his body was returned to family in the bay area. >> my son was a great kid. well loved. had charisma. his uppers in the marines, they just love him. everybody, he's worked at
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different platoons, and he's well loved. >> a funeral is scheduled wednesday morning in fremont. >> friends, family, colleagues, and a community gathered to remember a fallen police officer jim kapote a year after his death. they gathered at the city hall on the steps there for a ceremony. the veteran of the police department was killed after a high speed chase of a bank robbery suspect. overnight we saw plenty of rain soaking the area. >> i had to drive through some of it. it was rough on the roadway. some of them might be wet this morning. tell us if we're going to expect any more rain today. contrary to reportous may hear elsewhere, the rain is going to dry up. we're going to have mostly sunny skies and things will be nice for sunday. the high definition doppler is not going to pick up much.
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that front, when it blew through last night took all the rain with it in a hurry. when it rained, it poured last night we'll have totals in a few minutes. if you're headed to the mountains, there's storm warnings. gusty winds out there in the mountains. as for us and for what we expect, more rain is on the way. not today. we'll have the whole forecast when we cover it a few years from now. >> thanks, brian, a quick development of the situation in the middle east. president obama says israel has the right to defend itself in tieland today. any effort to resolve the conflict -- today is the fifth day of attacks against gaza rocket operations. israeli strikes hit two media centers in gaza today, wounding six palestinian journalists. 53 palestinians, including
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militants have died since wednesday. today one rocket was fired at tel aviv and was intercept body iron dome missile defense system system. in indonesia, protesters marched to the embassy carrying flags. indonesia, a muslim relationship has no diplomatic relationships with asia. >> iran's official news agency says the one including a syrian government minister did not say whether any of the rebel or exile groups had taken part. there was a meeting last week where opposition groups formed a coalition. >> coming up, the middle east takes center teenage. it's going to be over the
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controversy of benghazi and susan rice's role in that. also the latest developments in the petraeus aarea. it's on face the nation right here on cbs 5. okay. on a different front, the black friday deals may be red hot, but who pays the price for it. wal-mart and target plan to open at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving night. some employees are not too happy about it. hundreds of thousands have taken their frustrations out online on they're asking people to boycott wal-mart. it's growing. shoppers seemed to sympathize with workers having to work on thanksgiving. >> i think it's shocking. >> most americans are already overworked and underpaid. just give them the day off.
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>> over 200,000 target employees signed a petition on, requesting that they change the time on opening day. some say it's the spirit of christmas past. even more holiday shopping days, but some also point out that the fiscal cliff that looms over christmas future could effect things as drew elevenson shows us there are's new strategies to bring out new shoppers. as in years past with elbows sharpened and smart phones in hand, shoppers are getting primed for black friday. it's the most analyzed day of the year, and the holiday season opener. the good news for retailers, an early thanksgiving means the season is longer with 33 shopping days, but the economy is still sluggish and washington atmospheric have
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rattled consumers. >> retailers are very concerned about the fiscal cliff situation. consumers are changing their stopping patterns as a result of the situation. >> also dampening the forecast is superstorm sandy. by one estimate, nearly 5 million households households in had its path will have to curve spending this year. to counter, the retailers are going all in, already offering discounts. like last year, some stores will start opening on thanksgiving after midnight with wal-mart, target, sears, toys "r" us opening even earlier in a fierce competition to get the first shop yes. >> retailers know after many black fridays, typically the place where the person shops first is the place where they spend the most money. >> a quart of black friday shoppers were in the stores by midnight, and the weekend was a record breaker. drew levinson, cbs news, new york. things are looking up for
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california's state budget. >> some signs are pointing to a surplus. are they real? what do lawmakers need to do to keep the state out of the red? >> jerry hill joins us next. >> probably five or six kids are going to be able to go to college that might not have been able to go to college. >> an east bay teenager with college dreams of his own. how this senior raises the money to fund other kids' educations. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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south bay will have a traditional thanksgiving mel this year... and that's thanks to the sad heart community service in n jose. starting tomorrow and goingn through wednesday, familiesn need will be given a complee thanks es thousands of struggling families will have a thanksgiving dinner this year that wouldn't be able to afford one. that's an entire dinner. >> all right. 4,000 families waited in line last week just to register for the holiday meal program. >> all right. everybody is wondering if we're going to have a dry
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thanksgiving. brian, what do you think? can you go that far ahead? >> yeah. come on. don't underestimate this guy. >> we're a full service weather department at channel 5. it looks like thanksgiving is going to be dry, but before that, it's going to get wet. it looks like we're expecting another inch of rain. it's late tuesday, wednesday. it looks good. we have mostly dried up in the bay area. the front powered through. it dumped in the last 24 hours, more rain in the central and east south bay than it did not north bay. about a third of an inch in the north bay. out the door this morning, we're going to be sunny and cool. it will be dry for the most part there. 's the faintest chance of a shower, but mostly sunny skies for saturday. temperatures will be near 57 degrees. you can see that all of this
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pressed through at 7:30 last night. wham. then on the back side of that, we're going to clear it out and get a few high clouds in the north bay. that's going to about do it. the next system is going to be powering toward california. that's going to be coming in late tuesday and wednesday. pacific northwest stays wet in the meantime. for us, we'll get increasing sunshine over the next 24 hours or so. so today looks high and dry. so does monday. by the way, the numbers will be mostly in the 60s for the bay area. and sunshine favors more of the north bay than the south bay. it will be in the 60s for the north bay and south bay. a few showers coming in on tuesday. we get showers coming in to the bay area on tuesday, lingering through early wednesday. that will be it. thanksgiving looks nice and dry. latest on the news, here's phil and ann.
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some encouraging news, the deficit in the next fiscal year will be much smaller than in the recent past. >> there's a talk of a surplus from the first time since 2001. how real are these numbers. how are elected leaders going to handle them in sacramento? joining us now is state senator elect -- well, he was an asemily man. congratulations on your win. >> thank you very much, bill. >> speaking of election. voters went to bed monday night full of stories from the governor and everybody that the state was broke. within a week. it's. we voted for is part of the surplus. we're looking at a billion .9 if things go according to plan
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the way it is now, according to the legislative analyst. what we've seen in the past are irresponsible budgets. when i got to the legislature 3 and half years ago, four, almost. we had $42 billion we had to cut. look at that budget. it's put together with strings, and we spent more money than we had. the debt service right now is almost 9%. it was irresponsible. we had to deal with it. unfortunately the citizens of california had to face it and live with it. we can't get to that position again. that's really going to be the struggle. >> because even as we speak, there are a number of groups, the education lobby and others who said it's time now, since we do have this money coming in, to restore the cuts. in other words, start spending again. >> well, we can't. we can't do that because if you look at this budget and part of the deficit we're looking at next year, it's because the facebook ipo did not come in as
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high as it was supposed to in terms of the stock sales. how can the 8th largest economy depend on social media stock price. that's not right. we should be dependent upon good revenue, good resources, and proper expenditures. we have not been there. that's where we have to focus on that. that irresponsibility will come right back and haunt us again. there's no reserve in the state. we should take that one time money and spend it on one time causes and pay off the debt service. try to balance things in the long run. that's not what we've done. i think the pressure will be there. the other thing we're faced with is in the assembly, it's new members. they were not there on the floor, trying to balance the $42 billion. they don't remember. that we have to show them the responsible way, i think. >> right. you seem a little temperate about this, but we have the new people coming in. you know there's a lot of
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democrats that will tend toward massive spending. how are you going to deal with that? >> the governor made it clear he wants a responsible and even keeled budget. he doesn't want to raise taxes unless it goes to the voters. i think that's the responsible thing to do. it's going to be to hold back, the challenge, we do owe education a large amount of money. we have to pay that back. we have to bring k-12 education back to where it was before or this economy is not going to be the 8th largest in the world again. on the spending front, the governor says no new taxes without a vote of the people. we have fees. that's another thing. you guys can pass those with your new majority. do you see that happening? >> well, the new majority is not going to take effect until next year. there are a number of vacant seats that will have to be filled. i think we have added fees already. that's something we've been able to do historically by changing fees and adding them. i think it will be an
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adjustment to make sure costs is associated with whatever the project is. i don't think there will be -- we have to be responsible. i think the legislature will be responsible in this time. we know we cannot afford not to be. >> do you trust these legislative fees? >> i do. they've been accurate in the past. the problem with these projections, showing the $1 billion surplus in a couple of years and up to 9 billion by 2017. the problem with those is it's based on status quo. no salary increases, no excessive or more spending. we have $40 billion of bonds we have not sold yet. that's going to added to the $8.9 billion debt service every year. that's the problem. it's good, but it's not going to stay the same. >> the other concern about that is looking farther into the future, some of the rules, new environmental laws, new taxes people are going to be paying. are we going to see more rich people leaving the state?
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long term, what do you see here? >> long term i see the state as the economy improves, california is still the best economy in the country. we still have the best -- look at the innovation economy in silicon valley. it drives the state. >> but facebook, we projected high, it falls low. >> it falls low, but it still brought in 1.2 billion instead of 1.9. that's a lot of money. people do leave and the perception is we're antibusiness. we're not business friendly. i think we have to change that perception. there are ways of doing that. i think we're going to work hard to do it in the future, weapon the environmental laws as well. >> state senator elect jerry hill. almost state senator, on the third. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. wishing you a happy thanksgiving.
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this year. san francisco and marin food bank some bay area families may be missing out on a thanksgiving meal this year. >> it's something we hear every time this year. the food banks are short 1700 turkeys. that means they're only halfway to meeting their goal of 25,000 families. so they're turning to the community for help. >> feeding that many families who live at or near the poverty line, we're really hoping that among bay area food banks and
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the san francisco food banks we're able to give 3500 a special -- you can donate any foods at whole foods market. we posted more details on our website. well, have you ever noticed the empty seats at sporting events that events are supposedly sold out? >> well, this man did. whether he's on the field or in the bleachers, 17-year-old jack has been to a lot of sporting events. that's where he noticed something. >> i saw that there were empty seats, but they were saying that the whole stadium was sold out. >> and just like that, it hit him. why not resell those unused tickets to raise money for
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charity. >> i know that companies and just people with season tickets buy up these seats and they just don't go to them sometimes. >> so last year, jack, a senior at monte vista high launched his own profit. tickets to college. those who share his dreams of higher education but don't get the same opportunities that he and his classmates get. 100 proceeds go to the college is real program at richard high school. >> college is real mentors the richard high school students. it's hard for them to even go through high school day-to-day with the struggles they have. it just really touched me. >> we provide resources, motivation, guidance, counseling, tutoring to high school kids at richmond high, mostly latino and all low income to try to get them to be to be the first of the families. >> college is real founder goes
7:55 am
a long way. >> probably five or six kids are going to be able to go to college that otherwise might not have gone to college r. when this happened, asking them for their unused tickets to events. he then turns around and resells them on stub hub or craig's list. >> so you get things to all different kinds of events. >> i've gone to alameda county fair tickets. >> giants tickets, raiders games, musicals, jack created a website that collects and delivers tickets while still managing senior year classes, college applications, and college football practices. >> i loved it. visiting richmond and seeing how they need the support, it's just really touching how i can make a difference. >> so for helping others reach their college goal, this week jefferson award in the bay area
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goes to jack khibola. >> now, if you have tickets to donate to achieve their dreams, you can use the link to college online at our website. you can find our story on jack. the affair, the e-mails, and the general's fall from grace. >> the cia sex scandal that forced general petraeus to step down. what does that mean for you and i and e-mails? >> also, people standing by ready to light up, waiting for the smoke to clear on new marijuana laws. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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the goal post the sheriff of san francisco back on the job and firing k i'm not exactly sure. i feel like they keep moving the goal posts. >> the sheriff ross mirkarimi is back on the job. we'll have details in a few minutes. can't wait to go to 7-11 and buy a pack of joints.
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>> coming soon, marijuana realized for recreational use. the challenges making the new law as reality. welcome back to eyewitness news this morning. it's 8:00. it's november 18th. good morning. >> i'm anne makovec. thanks for starting your morning was. we have a lot to talk about the next half hour. the petraeus scandal all came up through e-mail. now secure is e-mail these days. also, the ideals that military top brass are held to that a lot of the rest of the people in the world are not. >> also the politicians are not. >> we're going to be talking with ross mirkarimi about what's going on with him and the mayor's office. first, an apology from the bishop of san jose. this was after a registered sex offender was allowed to volunteer at a festival. >> how did he get permission.
8:01 am
>> patrick mcgrath says no one who has been found guilty of sexual abuse can be allowed to volunteer at events with children. i apologize this was not followed. it's mark christopher gurr. he's only allowed on campus with written permission from a school official. he was identified by a parent. sheriff lori smith is going to be at the school on tuesday to meet with concerned parents. they're holding mass this morning. that's sure to be discussed. a shootout leads to an arrest in san jose. a second suspect is still at large this morning. this is how it ended with one of two men accused of shooting at a police officer. the suspects went on an armed robbery spree earlier in the day, hitting on businesses. police spotted their car on
8:02 am
highway 101 after -- a man got out and started shooting at police. >> the officer was forced to duck down for cover. there are rounds in the officer side. now the car is contaminated with pepper spray. >> the officer had only my minor injuries after that. they started shooting at the suspect. one of the suspects ran away. another one drove away and was later arrested after hiding in a house during a two-hour standoff. >> well, overnight, the weather. we saw plenty of soaking in the bay area and yesterday it was rain. no rain, rain, no rain. >> looks like we have a little bit of a break. he's been tracking this latest storm. brian? >> we're shifting into no rain mode. high definition doppler not picking up anything. we're waking to mostly sunny
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skies in the bay area. the temperatures today by 10:00 will be mostly in the upper 50s, nearing 60 degrees. it looks as if we're high and dry for a while. but there's more coming in. we'll have the details on that in a few minutes. bill and anne president obama is in thailand. he tours the secretary of state with hillary clinton. he met with the prime minister. he praised thailand for supporting democracy in neighboring country. now that california voters have rejected a plan to end the death penalty, there's a push in the opposite direction. a growing number of prosecutors are asking the state to resume
8:04 am
executions. they want california to scrap the three lethal drug injury instructions. voters in colorado and washington to date have spoken and smoken. they want marijuana legalized for recreation use. >> what happens next as the new law is passed. evan shows us legalizing pop is the easy thing, making it work in the real world may be a whole different battle. various you cannot be arrested for being in possession of an ounce of marijuana. >> you can't wait to go to 7-11 and buy a pack of joints. >> what's not clear is exactly when or how that will happen. >> legalize marijuana, i could pass a joint to a friend of
8:05 am
mine? no you can't. >> i can transport it. >> no you can't. >> it could take a year or more to pass regulations. right now, there's no legal way to procure pot for legal use. >> i don't know how people are supposed to go about getting it, but if you're found with it, you're not going to get prosecuted. >> federal authorities have not changed their few. marijuana is a schedule one controlled substance, considered more dangerous than cocaine. >> everybody is operating on the length of what do we do now. >> lori levinson is a former prosecutor. >> i don't think anybody wants to go into somebody's house and say you can't smoke a joint on your sofa. >> governors on both states have met with federal authorities. it's unclear in the feds will sue to block the law. john hickenlooper says he's now prepared to fight. >> i didn't support the initiative, but you can't argue
8:06 am
with the will of the voters. the sentiment was pretty clear. >> what happens when the smoke clears is still up in the air. cbs news, los angeles. well, back here in the bay area, a few headlines, the rebuilding of chevron's crude unit. it caught fire in august. it continues the oil giant is expected to give a presentation on the work tomorrow in the bay area quality management district board. chevron is expected to present a plan on how it will reduce emissions at the richard facility in the future. registered nurses are planning a strike for this tuesday and wednesday. they're upset about the corporation's plan to redeuce benefit benefits. at hospitals in berkley, they're proposing in the of sick leave. this would force nurses to work when they're ill. >> and first lady michelle obama will honor youth radio this week.
8:07 am
the arts and humanities award is like a lifetime achievement award. youth radio teaches students about the medium and issues important to our society. in this radio production, young adults share their thoughts on why they voted for president obama. the award will be handed out at the white house. >> the scandal that brought down general david petraeus. >> and the e-mails that kicked off the investigation into this affair. how private are those messages? a legal expert joins us next. >> plus, back at work. still to come, ross mirkarimi reflecting on a domestic violence case that nearly cost him his job. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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well, thanks for coming by channel 5 this sunday morning. we a nice day on tap. a few high clouds, readings in the 50s to start out with. we're staying dry today. details in a minute. ,,,,,,,,
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their thanksgiving feasts in oakland this weekend. 1,000 families received all the fixings for the thanksgiving feast in oakland. families with incomes less than 200% of the federal poverty rate were eligible to sign up for this program. you can see a lot of people
8:11 am
came out. this is the fifth year for the giveaway made possible by the support of the goodwin foundation. leslie brooks helped organize the effort. >> it's about a community that understands we have to give back to a community if we're going to continue to be whole. >> each bag is filled with butter, eggs, fried goods and a turkey. oakland's unemployment rate is 17%. it's a significantly higher average. all right. weather, looks like the rain is slacking up for a little while. more later this week, brian? >> we did have a pretty good rain last night. boy, when it rains, it poured. in some places in the bay area, almost two inches of rain up in the mountains. i will show you a few totals in a minute. live towards san jose and the numbers, 49 degrees at concord.
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livermore has 29. santa rosa with fog. rainfall totals look like this. nevada picked up a fifth of an inch of rain. these totals are from the last several hours. they picked up 1.9 inches of rain. san francisco, half an inch. livermore managed 45- hundredths. winter storm warnings are posted throughout the sierra. a few inches posted about 10,000 feet. still the wind gusts could be up to 45 miles an hour. we're going to start out foggy and cloudy for the bay area today. just mild temperatures and changes ahead for the bay. as we expect, low clouds will be moving in midday on tuesday. that favors the north baby tuesday night. the only thing is we'll be starting out with fog in santa
8:13 am
rosa. other than that, the field today will be far more sunshine than we had yesterday and the rain now has headed east to the bay area. increasing sunshine for us today. numbers still on the mild side. for san francisco, we're going to be looking at numbers on monday if you're headed out. 64 at the airport. looks good. no airport delays on monday. los angeles is sunny. so for the most part, so is chicago. new york looks okay for a change. 52. for the bay area, the numbers will be in the low 60s today. almost uniformly. some high thin clouds. aside from that, nice and sunny. same holds true tomorrow. we increase the clouds late in the day so late tuesday and early wednesday we stand to get wet, especially in the north bay. then as we head toward thanksgiving, the all important travel weekend coming up. it looks like the weather is cooperating. we'll be dry for thanksgiving and next weekend looks dry as well. after a shot of showers late tuesday and early wednesday,
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we'll dry it up. have a great sunday. we'll update for you in a few minutes. >> thanks, brian. the sex scandal of the week, david petraeus answered to lawmakers after the affair of with his biographer. >> there's still plenty of questions about the state of the security in libya -- the security and the fallout from the affair. >> i'm going to ask what a lot of people are asking me this week. this whole thing was triggered into an fbi investigation due to e-mails sent by two people who were -- how do we put it, having a relationship with petraeus one way or another? >> you know, girls get jealous and start threatening each other on e-mail. >> when did that become an fbi crime? >> this is a reminder that our law enforcement alleges have a lot of discretion into the people they might trigger
8:15 am
investigations to be pursued. that's what happened here. the fbi agent deemed this a credible threat, presumably to national security because of the high profile and identity of the alleged target here, general petraeus. >> so once they got into it, though, that's when everything started blowing up. i mean, is anything private? >> well, when the united states government decides it wants information and there's a law enforcement bassos for getting that -- basis for getting that information, e-mail is a very easy to get into source of private data. so, you know, so long as the u.s. government doesn't want to get the u.s. information, people can feel reasonably comfortable that it's not that easy for private individuals to get it, but the government just has to asks google. the isp, the internet service provider, generally complies if they consider it a reasonable
8:16 am
request. this has triggered google to look at their policies as well as the other providers. >> so what the situation is i write an e-mail, i own that e- mail. i own the rights of what's in it. in other words, if i give you a script or something like that, that's intellectual property. there's privacy bounds, but if the government wants to come in and say we want to look at his e-mails, they're complying? >> the government has to have a good reason. the holder of the information, google in this instance -- >> who determine what is is a good reason? you don't go in front of a judge and make the call? >> you only go in front of a judge if you have to get a warrant. right now we have a dated sort of scheme of privacy protections in the electronic communication privacy act. the way that's being interpreted by the courts, if an e-mail is older than six months, there's no need to get a warrant from a judge. in that case, the fbi has the authority to make the
8:17 am
decisions, subject to the support of supervisors. so that's a big distinction. that information, if it's older than six months, it's deemed no -- not protected. >> we're not talking about you and i. we're talking about the military general. but the standards are so high hen it comes to moral conduct. is that something that should be relooked. >> this is troubling. we have an all volunteer military, we have since the end of the vietnam war. we ask the servicemen to take risks for us. >> he's also the director of the cia. if he's the top spy in the top spy network in the world and he's doing something this stupid, that's a standard right
8:18 am
there. >> but he wasn't compromising national security. he was compromising himself, his marriage. >> but he's a top spy. he should know people are going to be looking at him. does he have a different standard? >> petraeus has rewritten the rules in many ways, i think. he's been a celebrity the military has not had for a long time. he retired early from the military. he was only 60 when he left. he's made different rules for himself and he's held himself out to a standard and once this happened, his own self-created image was undercut. >> i think the whole thing has been interesting too and the media's fixation on it. calling out ourselves on this. there's so many important things to be talking about, and the sex scandal grabs the headlines. >> i'm sorry. he's america's top spy. >> not anymore. >> anything you write out there after six months they can come and just say we would like to take a look at it. >> if there's a threat or reason that it's -- >> or if they think there's a
8:19 am
threat. >> correct. >> okay. professor hillman, we're going to be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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8:21 am
we're still talking about the petraeus scandal. anyway, we have another scandal for you that appears to be wrapped up, or is it? >> it's back and forth. >> he's back on the job now, but still on probation for a domestic violence incident. ed lee wants him to give up the -- domestic violence programs. ross mirkarimi says he has because he's assigned it to someone underneath him. >> but that's not good enough. what is going to be good snuff? here's what he had to say. >> it's like they keep moving the goal posts. in the original communications
8:22 am
from the district attorney and the mayor, they left it in our hands. i said no problem. we have a chain of command. the department of over 1,000 people. detaching myself off is very doable. >> one of the off questions people asked me was why didn't he just go down at the beginning, cooperate with the investigation and end it. why did every turn it seemed to just grow? why didn't you go down and cooperate in the beginning? >> we would have. to this day, i never -- and my wife -- never did talk to the district attorney, the police, or the mayor while they assert that they wanted to, they still never even spoke with her. remember when i gave the mayor her phone number, talk with my wife. call her up, please. don't take my word for it. he never did. in the very beginning i certainly wish in hindsight that we were more clarifying. >> why don't you go down and
8:23 am
talk with the investigators? as the a law enforcement officials that, seems to be what's rubbing your fellow law enforcement officials, that you didn't cooperate. >> well, under an investigation, especially when it'll legal or criminal investigation, then you have to sort of follow the protocol. that's exactly what we did, follow the protocol, not knowing what they were even probing, not knowing what really our approach should be. so i just took the advice of our lawyer. >> if you had something to do over? >> would i have done that? >> yeah. >> i would have done a few things over. ii wouldn't have allowed it. no one in their right matter that domestic violence is a private matter. my words got conflated in a way where billboards went up. i would have been much more press savvy and confident to to correct what that statement was. i would have been happy to sit
8:24 am
down with the district attorney or anyone else for that matter to get to the bottom of what they were trying to get to. >> we're going to have more of the sheriff's interview coming up on the cw channel 44 cable 12. coming up, one last look at this morning's top stories. >> that includes the apology from a church that let a sex offender volunteer at an event. we'll be right back ,,,,,,,,
8:25 am
bishop apologizes af offender was welcome back. let's take a look at this morning's top stories. >> san jose bishop apologizes after a registered sex offender was allowed to volunteer at a school festival. he got written permission from a church to attend the school festival last month. >> israel carried out for strikes in gaza. two media centers were hit,
8:26 am
wounding six palestinian journalists. a rocket was fired at tel-aviv as well and intercepted by a misel de-- missile defense system. turns out this year target and wal-mart and best bias are opening midnight. >> face the nation starts in a few minutes. >> for us, news continues on the cw network. channel 44 cable 12 starting at 8:30. we're moving over there. first, one last look at the weather on cbs 5 with brian. quickly. it's going to be nice today. the numbers mostly in the low 60s in the bay area. chance of rain will be moving in late tuesday, early wednesday. details ahead on the cw. see you there. >> okay. it's the travel weekend. so get ready to see lots of people on the roads this thanksgiving. >> there's expected to be a slight increase in holiday
8:27 am
travelers in the bay area and throughout california. triple a predicts more than 5.4 million californians will be traveling 15 miles or more over the weekend. that's an increase over last year. san jose airport, also expect to see travelers this year, between two and three%. the big travel day, usually on wednesday, the day before thanksgiving. that's been moving around. a lot of people left down on friday. >> yeah, on their way to the big sales. i want to thank everybody for joining us. remember, face the nation is next. >> if you're stepping out the door, enjoy your sunday. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> schieffer: today on "face the nation," israel bombs terrorist targets in gaza for the fifth straight day from the air and the sea. israel has launched more than

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